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Who Are Allinone Bird Supplements?

We are a small family business in Queensland who manufacture and market the Inaflourish™ range of products. We are also 3rd generation pigeon flyers. In other words we are just your average struggling pigeon fanciers trying to keep our pigeons healthy and in top condition right throughout the whole year.

One day back in 2013 we opened our pigeon cabinet to reveal a vast number of so call pigeon products. There were so many of them that there were not enough days in the week to use them all… so we took all these products and had them analysed. What we learnt out of this exercise was that most of these products were of little benefit to our pigeons, but the rhetoric printed on the labels was a different story.  We concluded that we had hardly seen any benefit to our birds when the recommended dosages were administered over a period of time. Over approximately 100 combined years we have been fanciers, we have seen remarkable changes to the keeping of racing and show pigeons.

Gone were the days of using Pine o’Clean, a rusty bolt in their water for iron or our mums Recketts Blue for canker because pigeon products were practically non-existent. We began to wonder, why did our birds seem to be better and capable of maintaining health without pumping drugs into them constantly which was breaking down the pigeons immune system.

We could not see why there wasn’t one product to cover just about everything a pigeon requires in its diet. Our theory was if the insides are healthy then it must show on the outside and in the general behaviour of the pigeons and performance in showing or racing.

Since 2013 we have been researching and experimenting with animal nutritionists, all of these people were more than helpful to our research with information and advice on the subject natural and otherwise. This research allowed us many options and enabled us to choose the most suitable ingredients for our product.

We understood a lot of what the animal nutritionists were telling us, as we were involved in the trotting industry for years. This experience combined with the research allowed us to produced the Inaflourish™ range and send samples out to certain fanciers to get an honest and fair opinion on the product – good or bad.

We were confident in what the results would be and everyone noticed a visible change in their pigeons within a fortnight. We are not saying these products will make your pigeons win races but if your birds have the right start in life then your chances should improve with the right training. Still remember though the weather and position play a major factor in who wins or loses, but if you notice that your returns improve and your pigeons look good upon return then the product is living up to the high expectations that we set for it.

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