The best all in one bird supplement for your breeding and moulting pigeons

Breeding / Moulting


Inaflourish™ Breed & Moult Supplement

Fanciers prefer to feed a mix of grains, however grains do not possess all the key nutrients to help the birds perform at their best. Squeakers, in addition to carbohydrates, need protein, vitamins and minerals to build lean tissue and a strong skeletal frame to develop properly.

Balancing the pigeons diet with high quality supplements, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other trace elements are essential to ensure the grains are being used efficiently. If nutrients such as protein are in excess or unbalanced, this excess protein has to be broken down and excreted. This uses energy, energy that otherwise could be used for reproductive purposes. Also the excess protein soils the environment and generates ammonia in the loft. Ammonia attacks the very sensitive mucous membranes of the pigeons respiratory system causing inner damage. A healthy functioning respiratory system is a major contributing factor to winning races.


  • the most effective breeding, growth and moult supplement available
  • increases vitality and fertility, accelerates the growth in young and assists through the moult
  • contains prebiotics for favourable gastro-intestinal micro flora
  • enzymes for better utilisation of grains & other food components
  • yeasts for metabolites & B complex vitamins & trace minerals
  • key amino acids for body building and feather & egg health (very important for breeding & moulting)
  • nutritional herbs for health & well-being
  • caroteniods for general health, high in antioxidants
  • contains important ingredients to maintain & repair joint structure and integrity to promote muscular & tendon health

Available Sizes

  • 2.25KG - $110.00
  • 4.5KG - $190.00
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More Info

Mix one 20gm scoop (included) per kilo of grain. Mix thoroughly with your favourite oil, lemon juice or water. Use 3 to 7 days a week for maximum benefit.

Inaflourish™ Breed & Mouth is specifically formulated to assist pigeons through the breeding and moulting periods.

Each 1kg contains – Prebiotics: Manno-Oligosaccharides (Mos) (B-Glucans). Yeast & harmonious metabolites: Selenium as Selenium yeast 0.01g. Enzymes: key amino acids, carotenoids, nutritional herbs. Vitamins: trace minerals, molasses, calcium as limestone + calcium carbonate 20%.

The composition of Inaflourish™ Breed & Moult and Inaflourish™ Maintenance are different. Inaflorish Maintenance is specifically designed to balance the diet for adult racing pigeons.

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