Dan Warry

My very first endorsement for a product, I tell you this so you will know I don’t use my name to recommend any-thing I haven’t tried and critically put to the test. I was asked to try Inaflorish Breed & Moult by the men who formulated it. Yes they are friends of mine and as I told them I would give my opinion good or bad.

This was only 3 weeks ago, I had almost got my first round of squeakers ready for weaning, not bad youngsters but nothing special. I had four pair that were free lofted a couple of days a week and their young were a cut above the rest, so they should be, the parents were passing on a few more nutrients than the loft bound birds. There is a reason I am telling you this, I put all my birds on Inaflourish. The second round of babies started hatching a couple of weeks ago and the difference in the way these youngsters are growing is very noticeable and pleasing, they are growing much faster and a lot fuller in the body. We should all know that the first weeks of a pigeons life are by far the most critical ones if your youngsters don’t get all they need in those first few weeks then they start their lives playing catch up (and they never do).

Oh yeah, lets go back to the difference between the free lofted birds and the prisoners. Well so far I can’t see a difference in the second round, that reassures me Inflourish is providing the birds with all or at least most of what they can’t get from being locked up, even the youngsters of the four free lofted birds are growing better. I am always looking for things that work on my birds to make them healthier. This is not just another vitamin compound but a whole lot more, I have used many different products in the years I have had birds but nothing that compares with Inaflourish where the results were visible in only a couple of weeks.

Before I sign off. Let me say I have had a look st the very professional set up used to manufacturer their products. This father and son partnership are committed to the supply of the very best formulated series of products to the fancy. They are both fanciers.

Yours in sport.

Dan Warry

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